Education - Apart from the general education at school, the children are taught tuitions to improve their understanding. Motivational and Educational workshops are held at frequent intervals to give a boost in their academic and mental strength.


Excursions - Various types are provided by kind sponsors from corporate, social organizations, individuals and the government agency which are entertaining, educational, fun and creates a platform for exposure.
Meals - Sponsors of meals by donors at the home or at hotels, special functions etc has been actively participated by the girls.
Sports - Sports activities include regular yoga exercise classes and other indoor and outdoor games are carried out.


Arts - Learning one’s own culture is essential for one’s identity. The girls have attended sessions in relation to cultural activities etc.
Moral & Spiritual - Regular sessions by invited speakers and teachers are held to improve on their conduct and spiritual progress to carve the girls into better individuals.
Talent quest - The children are encouraged to participate in both in-house and public functions to develop their hidden talent and nurture things, they are passionate about.